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A wave of crime has swept through the humble hamlet of Wilberforce with reports of suspected criminal activity pouring into the Highlands East Police Department. The beleaguered police force is struggling to investigate each incident in a timely fashion. More officers are needed.

To this end, Chief Inspector Tupper T. Turtle has issued an APB, to the Geocaching community.

Geocachers are revered for their powers of deduction, sleuthing expertise, stamina and proficiency with a GPS…not to mention their radical relentlessness to log a find. Who better to hire as Investigative Crime Detectives?

If you would like to apply to be a Highlands East Investigative Crime Detective please submit a detailed resume including: a recent criminal background check, proof of life insurance and name of beneficiary, your proficiency with firearms, level of Geocaching experience and estimated number of DNFs (be honest).

Submit your resume and 15 pieces of ID to the Highlands East Police Department.

Simply log a “Will Attend”
Report for duty Saturday, May 4th 2019
Briefing at 12:30
Your shift starts at 1:00


UPDATE: Chief Inspector Tupper T. Turtle of the Highlands East Police Department received an anonymous note addressed to “All Geocaching Wanna-be Investigative Crime Detectives.” It read: Don’t come empty handed to the May 4th Crime Wave Who Dunnit Murder Mystery Event. Make sure you have a QUARTER (.25 cents) in your pocket. It may come in handy. Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink.