Highlands East Howler


99 Puzzle Caches

Infinite Fun

The Highlands East Howler is a collection of 99 puzzle caches nestled in the Geocaching Capital of Canada creating our howling wolf.  The first cache in the series is GC6BNXT

go on missions

In order to solve the puzzles in this series it will be necessary to go on six fact finding missions and fill in the answer chart. There are clues to the locations of the missions which will require some research on your part. The missions take you on a tour of the Geocaching Capital of Canada.  Many people have done the missions while finding the GeoTour caches in the area. Some GeoTour caches are even located at the same place as the missions.

Solve the puzzles to obtain the coordinates

You can still work on the puzzles without visiting the area and plug in the final numbers when you have the missions complete. The Personal Cache Note section is a good place to record your answers.

If you are new to puzzles caches, geocachingtoolbox.com is a great resource.

You will notice when you solve most of the puzzles that you come up with coordinates that look something like: N 44 57.038 W 078 14. E1 H6 W5

You can solve many of the puzzles to this point and then you need to go to the answer chart to determine the numbers for E1 H6 and W5

Bonus cache

Each GeoArt cache has a bonus number in it.  Record the 99 numbers to solve the puzzle for a spectacular bonus cache GC64E7E.