Is it here, is it there, is it anywhere?  The seven hamlets and the 72,842 acres of Crown Land that make up the Geocaching Capital of Canada offer some of the most stunning scenery you’ll find in Canada. (a fact based on a totally unbiased opinion poll of selected Highlands East residents), but the trade off, at this point in time, is “less than ideal” cell phone reception.  Okay, I’ll fess-up—cell service sucks, some areas are a total black out.  To compensate make sure you have your cache info saved off line or printed out.  Good news is that the Geocaching Capital of Canada will gladly rent you a GPS, preloaded with all the GeoTour coordinates for only $5.00 a day. You may not be able to rely on “phone a friend” for help— but you can always bring a friend with you! In fact we highly recommend it.