The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour has OFFICIALLY BEEN LAUNCHED, and by all reports (logs) it is a SMASHING SUCCESS. 

"Tried to make our way to sign in to the event several times but wonderfully creative caches kept getting in the way. Finally made our way in with twistyipper for a coffee, muffins & a great chat with Tupper T. Turtle & the Geotour crew. What a fantastic geocaching experience you've created for everyone. Can't say enough about all the creative caches we've discovered today & all the hard work that has gone into the Tour. Thanks so much....efforts much appreciated."

The GeoTour is living up to its advertising of 100 Fabulously Fun Caches.

AND the Tour already has its FIRST TO FINISH.  Completely Filled Passport.  YEP! “ANDREANEL & KOROLEVA” found all 100 caches in 48 hours  and handed in a completed passport at noon on Sunday May 10th 2015.  Their adventure racked up 29 FTFs, forced them to visit one cache 3 times and took them on a 100m wade across a bay (don’t worry that’s not a prerequisite for completing a cache—but it was the shortest route). 

Here’s one of many wonderful logs from Andreanel & Koroleva  “Wow! Another super neat setup on this cache. Lots of fun! FTF, TFTC!

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