We’ve been holding our breath, waiting anxiously… getting really excited.  AND TODAY when we peaked in Tupper’s mailbox…there they were—the newly minted

Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour COINS. 

They’re beautiful!  The GeoTour mascot Tupper T. Turtle is on one side and the Geocaching Capital of Canada treasure chest on the other.  What a great GeoTour souvenir.

Each coin is imprinted with a unique code, trackable via the Geocaching.com website and the coin has its own icon on Geocaching.com—Tupper says that’s classy, real classy (of course he would, it’s a picture of him)

The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour coin will be released May 9th at the Kick-Off Event Cache (GC5KEKW)   Quantities are limited so, if you want one, Tupper suggest you shell out soon for this beautiful collector coin. 

$15.00 tax included