Renovations and Revelations at The Cache Stash—Agnew’s   General Store, Wilberforce


Skeletal remains were discovered while renovating an old meat locker in Agnew’s General Store to accommodate The Cache Stash.   DNA testing revealed the bones to be those of the Pusey Lake Pirates, a band of cut-throat braggarts who left the high seas to sail the calm waters of Pusey Lake in the 18th century (The lake has since been renamed Dark Lake, Thank Goodness someone was thinking).

Legend has it that the Pusey Lake Pirates pillaged and plundered from one end of Pusey Lake to the other amassing gold and riches from the local inhabitants and raiding old Bertha Webber’s vegetable garden—from which she chased them off with a broom.  No records remain to explain their demise but Bertha’s broken broom handle may be a clue.

There are no known descendants of the Pusey Lake Pirates but it seems their ghost still haunt the locker and they have no intention of vacating the premises to make way for the Cache Stash.  After many rounds of negotiations between the owners of Agnew’s and the ghost of the Pusey Lake Pirates, the only consensus reached was that no agreement could be made.  Therefore the Cache Stash and the Pusey Lake Pirates will be sharing the locker.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you while shopping for Geocaching supplies.  

 One of those inconveniences being that the ghost of these renegade pirates object to strong light and insist that we keep the locker dim.  While shopping may we suggest you bring a UV light.  Don’t own one? Don’t worry, the pirates will be happy to lend you one.  

And while you are poking around in the locker be sure to “Discover” the Pusey Lake Pirates’ travel bug and enter the draw to win a Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour Coin.