Hopefully it was the latter.  Here’s Grrrrrreat Tips on hunting for Grub in the Geocaching Capital of Canada.

The South Algonquin Diner in Wilberforce has just undergone renovations and reopened with a new menu.  Look for the absolutely scrumptious-delicious GeoBurger.  And be sure to discover the GeoBurger trackable.

Caching in Gooderham?  Kei’s Chinese/Canadian Restaurant (across from the aggravating, but oh so cleaver Pioneer Cemetery Cache, GC5K7V8) is closed for the season but Graham’s Restaurant (offering Tupper T. Turtle approved butter tarts and the nearby Sleeping Dogs Cache, GC5QA9A) awaits your visit.

After looking for Dragons in our Midst Cache, GC5QYR2 in Cardiff look across the road to find the Cardiff Country Store offering a café and snacks to go.

Closed for the season but a smoking place to eat next spring is the Olde Ridge restaurant in Harcourt (the Black Box Cache, GC5M19A hangs out there.)

If you’re too focused on caching to relax for a sit down meal, grab grub to go from the grocery stores in Gooderham, Cardiff or Wilberforce (check out the deli counter).