Ensuring you come equipped with the right tools of the trade (TOTT) to accomplish the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour is extremely important.  Even an experienced geocacher, if not prepared, can find his or herself in a “worse than a life-threatening” situation.  Yes, I’m talking about the “totally embarrassing” DNF predicament)

Fortunately, The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour caches are generally-speaking easy to access, requiring little more than a stout safety harness, 1000 ft. of climbing rope, carabiners, and rappelling devices… just kidding. 

Still, there are a few items you will want to pack to make the most of your adventure.

In all seasons you will want to bring the basics, a flashlight, a UV light, 2 AA batteries, your rubber boots and of course your downloaded GeoTour passport.  Oh, and a camera for selfies of you and Tupper T. Turtle.Then there’s the “extras.” Because the Geocaching Capital of Canada offers creative caches hidden in and around magnificent forests and pristine lakes an extended list of what to bring would include kayak, bicycle, horse, ATV or snowmobile (rather useless in July but real handy in January).  Clothing-wise you’ll want to pack a bathing suit (rather useless in January but real handy in July).  In the spring a bug jacket is ESSENTIAL and during hunting season in the fall, WEAR ORANGE! 

Oh, and pack your toothbrush, you’ll want to stay a few days.
Happy Caching in the Geocaching Capital of Canada.