It’s OFFICIAL!  The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour is Number One in Canada after being awarded over 2000 favourite points in the first three months, this GeoTour has the most favourite points of the 6 Canadian GeoTours.  

Many thanks to all the wonderful Geocachers who have already taken on the tour and generously handed out the favourite points. Here is what Geocachers are saying:

“Day two, continuing the Geotour. More great caches. We love the creative effort put into these caches. Too many favourites not enough favourite points. Thanks again to Tupper T. Turtle and everyone that helped create and place these caches.”
“Thank you once again for going above and beyond to make this GeoTour VERY enjoyable!”
“How absolutely fantastic is this!!!... Everyone should run, not walk, to this superb caching adventure.”

So what are you waiting for? Come to the GeoCaching Capital of Canada and let us become your favourite too!