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FREE WiFi is available at the following locations for your convenience. 

Agnew's General Store, Wilberforce N45 02.266 W078 13.381

Royal Canadian Legion Branch 624 Wilberforce, N45 02.920 W078 13.110

Cardiff Country Store N44 59.557 W078 00.912

Cardiff Library N44 59.625 W078 00.970

Gooderham Library N44 54.457 W078 22.744

Highland Grove Library N45 04.442 W078 05.270

Wilberforce Library N45 02.320 W078 13.428

Highlands East Municipal Office, Wilberforce N45 02.176 W078 13.356



Non-Hibernating Host

Some of our resorts do close down for the winter after Thanksgiving, but the House in the Village B&B in Wilberforce welcomes Geocachers year round. And Roberta at the Bostonian Motel in Wilberforce will always offer you comfy quarters.  Call ahead to make arrangements so you don’t find yourself snuggling in with some hibernating bear. 



Was that a BEAR or did your stomach just growl?

Hopefully it was the latter.  Here’s Grrrrrreat Tips on hunting for Grub in the Geocaching Capital of Canada.

The South Algonquin Diner in Wilberforce has just undergone renovations and reopened with a new menu.  Look for the absolutely scrumptious-delicious GeoBurger.  And be sure to discover the GeoBurger trackable.

Caching in Gooderham?  Kei’s Chinese/Canadian Restaurant (across from the aggravating, but oh so cleaver Pioneer Cemetery Cache, GC5K7V8) is closed for the season but Graham’s Restaurant (offering Tupper T. Turtle approved butter tarts and the nearby Sleeping Dogs Cache, GC5QA9A) awaits your visit.

After looking for Dragons in our Midst Cache, GC5QYR2 in Cardiff look across the road to find the Cardiff Country Store offering a café and snacks to go.

Closed for the season but a smoking place to eat next spring is the Olde Ridge restaurant in Harcourt (the Black Box Cache, GC5M19A hangs out there.)

If you’re too focused on caching to relax for a sit down meal, grab grub to go from the grocery stores in Gooderham, Cardiff or Wilberforce (check out the deli counter).



GeoTour TOTTs

Ensuring you come equipped with the right tools of the trade (TOTT) to accomplish the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour is extremely important.  Even an experienced geocacher, if not prepared, can find his or herself in a “worse than a life-threatening” situation.  Yes, I’m talking about the “totally embarrassing” DNF predicament)

Fortunately, The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour caches are generally-speaking easy to access, requiring little more than a stout safety harness, 1000 ft. of climbing rope, carabiners, and rappelling devices… just kidding. 

Still, there are a few items you will want to pack to make the most of your adventure.

In all seasons you will want to bring the basics, a flashlight, a UV light, 2 AA batteries, your rubber boots and of course your downloaded GeoTour passport.  Oh, and a camera for selfies of you and Tupper T. Turtle.Then there’s the “extras.” Because the Geocaching Capital of Canada offers creative caches hidden in and around magnificent forests and pristine lakes an extended list of what to bring would include kayak, bicycle, horse, ATV or snowmobile (rather useless in July but real handy in January).  Clothing-wise you’ll want to pack a bathing suit (rather useless in January but real handy in July).  In the spring a bug jacket is ESSENTIAL and during hunting season in the fall, WEAR ORANGE! 

Oh, and pack your toothbrush, you’ll want to stay a few days.
Happy Caching in the Geocaching Capital of Canada. 




GeoCaching Capital of Canada GeoTour is Number One in Canada!

It’s OFFICIAL!  The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour is Number One in Canada after being awarded over 2000 favourite points in the first three months, this GeoTour has the most favourite points of the 6 Canadian GeoTours.  

Many thanks to all the wonderful Geocachers who have already taken on the tour and generously handed out the favourite points. Here is what Geocachers are saying:

“Day two, continuing the Geotour. More great caches. We love the creative effort put into these caches. Too many favourites not enough favourite points. Thanks again to Tupper T. Turtle and everyone that helped create and place these caches.”
“Thank you once again for going above and beyond to make this GeoTour VERY enjoyable!”
“How absolutely fantastic is this!!!... Everyone should run, not walk, to this superb caching adventure.”

So what are you waiting for? Come to the GeoCaching Capital of Canada and let us become your favourite too!




The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour is perfect for beginners. Let us help!

GEOCACHING????  You’ve heard that it’s some sort of game, right?  And you know that games are always fun… so… want to give it a try?  Let us get you started! 

Drop by Agnew’s General Store (2284 Loop Road, Wilberforce) and ask for Sticky Moose.  You'll get a 15 minute Geocaching tutorial, a map showing all the cache locations, a binder listing the cache details and a GPS, preloaded with coordinates for 10 nearby caches.  (GPS rental is just $5 for the day) Then you're off to rescue the Damsel in Distress.  




Put your Head in a Bed in the Geocaching Capital of Canada

Geocachers are discovering great places to stay in the Geocaching Capital of Canada!

Cottage Care Rentals
After a day of Geocaching put your feet up and stay a while in the Geocaching Capital of Canada.  Cottage Care Rentals provides accommodations in private cottages.  Cache, cottage, cache—repeat. Reach us at 705-457-3306 orvisit

Moonlight Bay Tent and Trailer Park

Large, private campsites, comfort centre, sand beach on Wilbermere Lake, 2 min. from Wilberforce. Several caches within walking distance.  $25.00 per night, per site.  For reservations: 705 448-1690  P.S. There's a GeoTour cache at the Park

Tamarack Lodge

Tamarack Lodge, 5 minutes from the hamlet of Gooderham offers 4, all complete cabins.   Your host Reiner and Barbara invite you to visit.  Stay 2 nights and get a third night free OR stay 2 nights and get a free Geocaching Capital of Canada geocoin.  (this offer not valid on long-weekends).  The Tamarack Lodge has kindly offered the grand prize of a weekend getaway for the GeoTour draw to be held in May 2017.

Open as of Victoria Day Weekend.  Bonus: Two of the Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour caches are within walking distance.

The Bostonian Motel

Bostonian Motel in Wilberforce has 4 housekeeping units available.  Full kitchen facilities, towels and bedding provided.  Swimming beach.  Paddle boat rentals.  Right across from the Legion.  If you happen to be here on the 2nd Sunday of the month, roll out of bed Sunday morning and trot across the road for their famous breakfast.  $75.00 per night, double occupancy. Call Roberta 705-448-2185  Geocaches nearby

The Terrace Inn

Freddie and Rosa Ore, owners of the Terrace Inn, on the shore of Dark Lake, Wilberforce are offering Geocachers a 10% discount on newly renovated cabin rentals.  One, two and 3 bedroom cottages with fully equipped kitchens, suitable for the entire family. 

Phone 705-448-9874 or 416-243-3177 or email   To get the discount simply mention you are a Geocacher.   P.S. there's a GeoTour cache at the Inn

Magnificent Hill
Rise with the rooster, Magnificent Hill in Highland Grove offers accommodations $25/pp/pn. You can’t beat that.

Riverbank Cottages and Trailer Park
Riverbank Cottages and Trailer Park, Wilberforce, offers cabins, RV sites and tenting sites.  Mike and Allison welcome Geocachers as of the May, Victoria Day weekend. Details about the park can be found at 

Keep checking the BLOG for more great deals.


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The Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour has OFFICIALLY BEEN LAUNCHED, and by all reports (logs) it is a SMASHING SUCCESS. 

"Tried to make our way to sign in to the event several times but wonderfully creative caches kept getting in the way. Finally made our way in with twistyipper for a coffee, muffins & a great chat with Tupper T. Turtle & the Geotour crew. What a fantastic geocaching experience you've created for everyone. Can't say enough about all the creative caches we've discovered today & all the hard work that has gone into the Tour. Thanks so much....efforts much appreciated."

The GeoTour is living up to its advertising of 100 Fabulously Fun Caches.

AND the Tour already has its FIRST TO FINISH.  Completely Filled Passport.  YEP! “ANDREANEL & KOROLEVA” found all 100 caches in 48 hours  and handed in a completed passport at noon on Sunday May 10th 2015.  Their adventure racked up 29 FTFs, forced them to visit one cache 3 times and took them on a 100m wade across a bay (don’t worry that’s not a prerequisite for completing a cache—but it was the shortest route). 

Here’s one of many wonderful logs from Andreanel & Koroleva  “Wow! Another super neat setup on this cache. Lots of fun! FTF, TFTC!

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Dawn to Dusk GeoGrub

If you are a dawn to dusk Geocacher then you’ll want to know about Graham’s Restaurant in Gooderham N44 54.711 W078 21.657. Sign says “Open 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.” but Rocky has the coffee pot on at 5:00, yes that’s A.M. and yes, that’s before any sane person is out of bed.  If you’re more of a mid-day Geocacher Tupper T. Turtle highly recommends dropping by for tea and a butter tart because if there’s one thing Tupper knows, it’s how to spot a sweet thing in a shell.



The Pusey Lake Pirates

Renovations and Revelations at The Cache Stash—Agnew’s   General Store, Wilberforce


Skeletal remains were discovered while renovating an old meat locker in Agnew’s General Store to accommodate The Cache Stash.   DNA testing revealed the bones to be those of the Pusey Lake Pirates, a band of cut-throat braggarts who left the high seas to sail the calm waters of Pusey Lake in the 18th century (The lake has since been renamed Dark Lake, Thank Goodness someone was thinking).

Legend has it that the Pusey Lake Pirates pillaged and plundered from one end of Pusey Lake to the other amassing gold and riches from the local inhabitants and raiding old Bertha Webber’s vegetable garden—from which she chased them off with a broom.  No records remain to explain their demise but Bertha’s broken broom handle may be a clue.

There are no known descendants of the Pusey Lake Pirates but it seems their ghost still haunt the locker and they have no intention of vacating the premises to make way for the Cache Stash.  After many rounds of negotiations between the owners of Agnew’s and the ghost of the Pusey Lake Pirates, the only consensus reached was that no agreement could be made.  Therefore the Cache Stash and the Pusey Lake Pirates will be sharing the locker.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you while shopping for Geocaching supplies.  

 One of those inconveniences being that the ghost of these renegade pirates object to strong light and insist that we keep the locker dim.  While shopping may we suggest you bring a UV light.  Don’t own one? Don’t worry, the pirates will be happy to lend you one.  

And while you are poking around in the locker be sure to “Discover” the Pusey Lake Pirates’ travel bug and enter the draw to win a Geocaching Capital of Canada GeoTour Coin.